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Lecture 6 Notes

G going from m2 to m log m m versus 2m note in scien3c

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Unformatted text preview: t; err_pq % best p/q found err_pq = abs(p/q - pi); pBest= p; qBest= q; end end end myPi = pBest/qBest; Ques3on Time This is an example of a “nested loop” for every q M p’s are checked. What is the run 3me? (i.e. how many itera3ons for a given M?) A) M B) 2M C) M^2 D) M^M 6 2/11/14 Remark % Rational approximation of pi •  Example of finding best thing in a set •  Version in book is ugly (but remarks and analysis are correct). –  SimpleEg_1.m and BeJerEg_1.m are cleaner implementa3ons. Improvements •  Inner loop floor(qπ) < qπ < ceil(qπ) => (dividing by q gives) floor(qπ)/q < π < ceil(qπ)/q => need to check only two numerator values p- = floor(qπ) p+ = ce...
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