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Lecture 7 Notes

This version has run me m m versus 2m in computer

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Unformatted text preview: end! MyPi = pBest/qBest;! ! M versus 2M •  We can replace the inner loop with code that checks q- and q+ individually (this what was displayed in previous lecture) •  However, even without an explicit inner loop both values must be checked •  So, even in this case the run ,me is 2M •  In HW 3 you will discover a version that checks only one q for each p. This version has run ,me M M versus 2M •  In Computer Science run ,mes are reported in terms of bounds on the “order” (complexity) of M •  In this case constants are ignored, so M and 2M are both viewed as having run ,me complexity O(M) •  This is because as M grows, order dominates Quiz Time What is run ,me? •  Previously we had to check M p’s for each q •  Now we have to only check 2 p’s for each q •  There are M q’s A) M^2/2 B) M C) 2M D) S,ll M^2 M versus 2M •  In scien,fic computa,on the constants and sizes of M o_en ma`er –  2M takes twice as long as M to compute –  1000M > 4M^2 for M < 250 •  So when we look at run ,me, we include the constants, par,cularly when reasoning a...
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