Lecture 7 Notes

For k13 if remk21 drawrect00kkr else drawrect00kkw

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Unformatted text preview: awRect(-1,-1,2,2,'k') DrawDisk(0,0,1,'m') DrawStar(0,0,1,'y') hold off Insight Through Compu,ng Some Matlab Graphics Commands % Close all figure windows… close all % Open a new figure window figure % Set x and y scaling to be the % same and do not display axes axis equal off % “Add-in mode” is on… hold on IGNORE FOR NOW Insight Through Compu,ng Insight Through Compu,ng 4 2/13/14 Some Matlab Graphics Commands Syntax % Exit the add-in mode… hold off Let’s look at the rules associated with using DrawRect, DrawDisk, and DrawStar. % Bring the figure window to the % front… shg IGNORE FOR NOW Insight Through Compu,ng Insight Through Compu,ng DrawRect DrawRect(-1,-2,6,3,’y’) 6 - 1 - 2 DrawRect 6 3 DrawRect( , , , , ) 3 ‘y’ (- 1,- 2) A yellow 6x3 rectangle at (- 1,- 2) Output Input Insight Through Compu,ng color Coordinates of lower le_ corner width length Insight Through Compu,ng Color Op,ons White Black Red Blue Green Yellow Magenta Cyan...
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