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Unformatted text preview: Noncollinear – do not lie on the same line . • Coplanar points – points that lie on the same – do not lie on the same plane. • B. Use the figure to name a plane containing . Aug 24­9:54 AM 1 1.1 Points, Lines, Planes ­ guided notes.notebook Name a point that is collinear with the given points August 23, 2013 Name a point that is coplanar with the given points M, N, R: B and E: M, N, O: C and H: M, T, Q: D and G: Q, T, R: A and C: T, R, S: Aug 24­9:54 AM Aug 24­9:54 AM Example • Three points that are collinear Intersect­ two geometric figures intersect if they have in common. • Four points that are coplanar G E F • Three points that are not collinear D ­ the set of points that the geometric figures have in common. Aug 24­9:54 AM Aug 24­9:54 AM Intersection Two lines intersect at a Two . intersect at a line. A plane and a line intersect at a . Aug 24­9:54 AM 2...
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