1.3 Distance and Midpoint Notes

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Unformatted text preview: 27­7:30 AM Example • Find the distance between (2,3,7) and (4,1,9) Aug 27­7:30 AM • Find the distance between (­1, 4, 6) and (­3, ­2, 7) Aug 27­7:30 AM 2 1.3 ­ Distance and Midpoint Guided Notes.notebook Midpoint on a Number Line • The of a segment is the point halfway between the endpoints of the segment. A Example Find the midpoint of AC and CE A B C D E ­8 ­7 ­6 ­5 ­4 ­3 ­2 ­1 0 1 2 3 B x1 August 23, 2013 x2 Midpoint of AB = Aug 27­7:30 AM Real World Example p.27 Jamie hangs a picture 15 in. from the left side of a wall. How far from the edge of the wall should she mark the location for the nail the picture will hang on if the right edge is 37.5...
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