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Unformatted text preview: m∠DEF 4. ∠CFD A Aug 30­7:28 AM Aug 30­7:28 AM Angle Addition Postulate D A R Find m∠ ABC m∠RSP + m∠PST = m∠RST S 45 60 P C B T Aug 30­7:28 AM Aug 30­7:28 AM 2 1.4 ­ Angle Measures guided notes.notebook August 27, 2013 Example P Q Find the m∠CAB Find m∠ PQR 20 S D D 160 R Find the m∠CAD 38° 60° C B 165° C 80° A A B Aug 30­7:28 AM Aug 30­7:28 AM Example Notes • Angle bisector – a ray that divides an angle into . A D C CD is the angle bisector of ∠ACB The ray FH bisects the ∠EFG. Given that m∠EFG = 120, what are the measures of ∠EFH and ∠HFG H E F G B Aug 30­7:28 AM RQ b...
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