Exam 1 Spring 2010

C sugar dissolves in water d a flashlight dims and

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Unformatted text preview: sunlight. C. Sugar dissolves in water. D. A flashlight dims and then goes out. The state(s) of matter that has/have molecules that are close together, but with the molecules able to move past one another is/are ____. A. C. liquid only B. 4. solid only solid and liquid D. gas only Which of the following is smaller than 2.5 106 ng? A. 10 4 ug C. 2.5 102 mg B. 5. 1.2 5.0 10–7 kg D. 5.0 10–2 dg How many significant figures can be reported in the answer of the following calculation? 9.567 10–7 + 7.65 10–10 A. 3 C. 5 B 4 D. 6 6. Express the answer of the following calculation to the correct number of significant figures. (3.3312 10–3 mg/7.880 10–5mg) – 1.2 mg = A. C. 41.08 mg B. 7. 41.077 mg 41 mg D. 41.1 mg What volum...
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