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Exam 1 Spring 2010

Exam 1 Spring 2010 - EXAMINATION I CHE 105 University of...

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CHE 105 EXAMINATION I February 11, 2010 University of Kentucky Department of Chemistry READ THESE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE STARTING THE EXAMINATION! It is extremely important that you fill in the answer sheet EXACTLY as indicated, otherwise your test may not be processed; ALL entries are to be made on SIDE 1 of the answer sheet. Use a #2 pencil (or softer); fill in the circles completely and firmly. Erasures must be complete . Use only the following categories: NAME: Print your name starting at the first space, LAST NAME first, then a space, followed by your FIRST NAME, then another space, followed by your MIDDLE INITIAL. Fill in the correct circles below your printed name corresponding to the letters of your name; for the spaces, fill in the top blank circle. STUDENT NUMBER: This is VERY IMPORTANT! Under IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, put in your 8 DIGIT STUDENT ID NUMBER ( do not use the 9 at the beginning of your number ) beginning in column A and continuing through column H, column I will be blank, (do NOT use column J at this time); be sure to fill in the correct circles (a common error to be avoided is mistaking "0" for "1"). TEST FORM: Fill in the "1" blank in the J column under IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (to indicate Hour Examination I). SPECIAL CODES: Use for course and section number; in positions K-P write in one of the following: Dr. H. Ades 105-001, 105-002 Ms. E. Ferguson 105-401 SIGNATURE: You MUST sign the examination answer sheet (bubble sheet) on the line directly above your printed name. Use your legal signature. Answering Questions : Starting with answer "1" on SIDE 1, fill in the circle indicating the one best answer for each of the 25 questions in this examination. Your score is the sum of the appropriate credit for each response.
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