Exam 1 Spring 2010

Student number this is very important under

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Unformatted text preview: T NUMBER: This is VERY IMPORTANT! Under IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, put in your 8 DIGIT STUDENT ID NUMBER (do not use the 9 at the beginning of your number) beginning in column A and continuing through column H, column I will be blank, (do NOT use column J at this time); be sure to fill in the correct circles (a common error to be avoided is mistaking "0" for "1"). TEST FORM: Fill in the "1" blank in the J column under IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (to indicate Hour Examination I). SPECIAL CODES: Use for course and section number; in positions K-P write in one of the following: Dr. H. Ades Ms. E. Ferguson SIGNATURE: 105-001, 105-002 105-401 You MUST sign the examination answer sheet (bubble sheet) on the line directly above your...
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