Exam 1 Spring 2010

Use your legal signature answering questions starting

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Unformatted text preview: printed name. Use your legal signature. Answering Questions: Starting with answer "1" on SIDE 1, fill in the circle indicating the one best answer for each of the 25 questions in this examination. Your score is the sum of the appropriate credit for each response. The day after the examination is finished, an examination key will be posted on Blackboard. Grading and Reporting: The examination scores will be posted in Blackboard within 96 hours after the examination. If an error has been made in scoring your answers, tell your instructor within 48 hours of the posting of your score. BE SURE THAT YOUR TEST HAS 25 QUESTIONS, A PERIODIC TABLE, AND ONE SHEET OF SCRATCH PAPER. You may NOT use your own scratch paper during this examination. Cell phones and pagers are to be turned off and out of s...
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