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Unformatted text preview: bject 123 245 245 Object Object Access level Access The classes in C++ have 3 important access levels. The Private, Public and Protected. Private, Protected Private: Private: The members are accessible only by the member functions or friend functions. Protected: Protected: These members are accessible by the member functions of the class and the classes which are derived from this class. Public: Public: Accessible by any external member. Accessible General Syntax of OOP in C++ General Syntax of OOP in C++ class classname { Access specificer: Member variables Main body of OOP Member Functions }; class student class student { data types here… int reg_id; function(2) here… void show() { . . . } }; void main () { student object_of_studentclass; . . . . } 1 2 // Define class GradeBook with a member function displayMessage; 3 // Create a GradeBook object and call its displayMessage function. 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Beginning of class definition // GradeBook class definition for class GradeBook class GradeBook Beginning of class body { Access specifier public; makes public: members available to the...
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