Reusedobjectshavealreadybeentested class class

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Unformatted text preview: n other applications Easier debugging classes can be tested independently reused objects have already been tested Class Class Two main Pillar of OOP Class and Object Class A class is a idea or map or blueprint that describes an object and defines attributes and operations for the object Class Class Two main things in classes Data Members Member functions Data Members contains variables with data type Member functions is the method inside class, Member data and function also need access level Object Object Object is the visible things like, mouse, cars, computer, human beings etc Object consists of two modes, necessary for program State and Behavior Object~ State Object~ State State is shown by variables in a class eg. Color of the ball, four doors of the car Engine of the car Object~ Behavior Object~ Behavior It is shown by functions or methods eg. Apply force on the ball , rebound force produced by a ball. Identity: Objects are distinguishable from one another Class, Object Class, Object Class Class 12 Object O...
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