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Variablesreferencethe contentsofalocations

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Unformatted text preview: f Address and Pointers Memory can be conceptualized as a linear set of data locations. ► Variables reference the contents of a locations ► Pointers have a value of the address of a given location ► ADDR1 ADDR2 ADDR3 ADDR4 ADDR5 ADDR6 Contents1 ADDR11 Contents11 * * * * * ADDR16 Contents16 Pointer Variable Pointer Variable ► Assume ptr is a pointer variable and x is an integer variable x 10 ptr &x Now ptr can access the value of x. x = 10 ptr = &x HOW!!!! Write: *variable . Cout<<*ptr; For example: POINTERS POINTERS ► Consider the statements: FILE *fptr1 , *fptr2 ; /* Declare two file pointers */ int *aptr ; /* Declare a pointer to an int */ float *bptr ; /* Declare a pointer to a float */ Int a ; /* Declare an int variable */ Float b ; /* Declare a float variable */ Declaring a Po...
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