Difference between Dos and Window


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Unformatted text preview: d understand while Windows is easy to learn and understand. 4. Dos is less preferable by users while Windows is more preferable operating system. 5. Limited users can work on dos while in Windows there are many users. 6. We cannot see mouse in Dos while in Windows we can see and use mouse to click on icons or links. 7. Simple text commands are written in Dos while in Windows we operate computer with the help of mouse. 8. In Dos we cannot Play games, watch movies and listen songs while in Windows we can enjoy playing games, watching movies and listening songs. 9. In Dos new hardware cannot work properly while in Windows it can detect and installs software automatically. 10. Application and system software¡¦s did not work properly in Dos while in Windows it runs at a great speed. 11. Dos is not user friendly while Windows operating system is user friendly. 12. Dos performs operations speedily as compared with Windows operating system....
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