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Ali raza processor

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Unformatted text preview: making integrated circuits and computers. Ali Raza Processor Arithmetic & Logic Unit ALU is responsible for performing ordinary arithmetic operations (like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Modules) along with logical or comparison operations (such as Less than, Greater than, Equal to, Not equal to, Less or Equal, Greater or Equal, And, OR and NOT). Ali Raza Processor Control Unit The Control Unit (CU) acts in the way similar to the human nervous system to monitor and control the different components of a computer system during their functions. Registers provide storage space to hold the data temporarily in order to be processed. Ali Raza Processor Microprocessor Microprocessors, also called silicon chips, are typically embedded in a protective casing. The wires Radiating from the silicon chip above connect to short metal legs that are soldered (a soft metal that is melted in order to join together pieces of metal so that they stick together when it cools and becomes hard again) into integrated circuit boards. Ali Raza Processor A chip, or microchip, is a tiny piece of silicon that contains millions of microminiature electronic circuit components. Silicon is an element that is widely found in clay and sand. Ali Raza Processor Math Coprocessor (Floating­Point Processor) It is also called a numeric coprocessor, a math coprocessor, and a floating­point unit. A coprocessor (processor additional to the main system microprocessor) that performs calculations using floating­point numbers, as opposed to integers (whole numbers). Ali Raza Processor Adding a floating­point processor to a system can speed up math and graphics functions (graphics work is generally math­intensive) dramatically with programs that are designed to recognize and use it. Except for the Intel 80486 and the Motorola 68040, both the Intel 80x86 and the Motorola 680x0 families of microprocessors have companion floating­point processors. Ali Raza Processor Pronounced “cash”, cache memory is a special high speed memory area that the CPU can access quickly. Cache memory can be located on the microprocessor chip or elsewhere on the motherboard. A new type of hardware called cache memory is also introduced that is a small amount of storage within the processor Ali Raza Processor Cache Memory stores frequently accessed data or program instructions for the purpose of speeding a computer system's performance. The speed of processing is usually measured in Mega Hertz (MHz) or Giga Hertz (GHz). Ali Raz...
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