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Unformatted text preview: its instructions may be written more like the language of the problem. Thus the statements of a program written in a high­level language can be easily understood by a person familiar with the problem. For the documentation of such programs, very few or practically no separate comment statements are required. Easier to maintain Programs written in high­level languages are easier to maintain than assembly language or machine language programs. This is mainly because they are easier to understand and hence it is easier to locate, correct, and modify instructions as and when desired. Insertion or removal of certain instructions from a program is also possible without any compilation. Thus, major changes can be incorporated with very little effort. 12 Language Translator Translators are system programms, which translate programs written in any high, or assembly language into 1’s and 0’s or machine language. Program code Language translator Machine code There are three types of language processors or translators Assembler Compiler Interpreter 13 Language Translator Assembler The software that translates and assembly code into the computer’s machine code is called assembler A program written by a programmer in assembly language is called source program After this source code has been converted into object code Source Program Machine code Assembler 14 Language Translator Complier A compiler is a computer software that translates a whole program, called the source code at once into machine code (object code) Interpreter An interpreter in another type of translator used for translating a language program into machine code It takes one statement of program and translates it into a machine instruction which is immediately executed by computer 15 PROGRAM Is a set of instructions, which are given to computer to solve a specific problem. Programs are written in computer languages like BASIC,...
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