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Unformatted text preview: PASCAL,C etc --------------------------------C---------program----------------------------------------- Run on computer 16 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) It contains Editor Compilers Debugger Linkers Loaders 17 17 18 Features Of C++ Language C++ is unique among programming languages due to the following characteristics Fast and Efficient The better C++ compilers can now generate amazingly fast code and the compiled program runs more efficiently on the computer than that of other languages Well-structured Language C++ is also a well­structured language:its syntax makes it easy to write programs that are modular and therefore easy to understand and maintain 19 Features Of C++ Language Small but Powerful Language C++ is a small but very powerful language. It includes many features that are specifically designed to help create large or complex programs Portable Language C++ is portable. It is easier to convert a C program to run on a different machine than it is to convert program written in most other languages Base for C#, Visual C++, Java Languages C++ is the basis for C#, VC++ and java. All statements, commands and keywords used in C are also available in C++ and other languages. Thus it may be rightly said that learning C++ is a first step towards learning ,C#, VC++, Java. 20 Features Of C++ Language Systems Programming C++ is the systems programming language i.e. most of the operating systems like UNIX, Windows 3.1 Windows 98, NT, 2000 etc are written in C++ language It is some times called a mid-level...
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