Variablesare declaredwiththefollowingformat datatype

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Unformatted text preview: variable name Key words/reserved words cannot be used as a variable name 2 2 Variable deceleration In C++, the variable must be declared first and it can be used then. variables are declared with the following format: datatype var1, var2,…; d a ta ty p e s in C ++ a re int, flo a t, c h a r e tc . int fo r inte g e r typ e va ria b le , flo a t fo r flo a ting p o int va ria b le a nd c h a r fo r c h a ra c te r typ e va ria b le 3 3 Memory location When a variable is used in a computer program, the computer When associates it with a particular memory location. In other words, a variable is a space in the computer’s memory In set aside for a certain kind of data and gives a name of reference set Void main() { int a; a=40 ----------} a 40 Memory 4 4 Types of variables C ++ la ng ua g e p ro vid e s th re e typ e s o f va ria b le s Inte g e r va ria b le Inte g e r va ria b le d e c la ra tio n s ta te m e nt h a s th e fo rm int sum; T h e d e c la ra tio n c o ns is ts o f th e d a ta ty p e na m e int, fo llo we d b y...
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