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Lecture Notes 14- Markets and Moral Sentiments

Week 7 onwards no ne blood transfution voluntary or

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Unformatted text preview: nes! • Fines for week 5-6 on 6 centres (4 day care centres left alone as a control group)! • Week 7 onwards: No fine! ! Blood Transfution: Voluntary or Paid?! • Purely Voluntary system in Britain; mixture of voluntary and paid in USA! • Titmuss (1971) criticized America! • Low Propotion of voluntary! ! ! Charity vs Egotism! ! Three reason! ! People have 3 reason to engage in pro-social behaviour! - rewards/punishments(extrinsic motivation)! • direcct effect : increase extrinsic motivation! • indirect effect : may reduce reputaitonal motivation because more bad types engage in pro csocial behaviour! - caring about others(intrinsic motivation)! - caring about image...
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