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Unformatted text preview: w_input("What is your name? ") age = int(raw_input("How old are you? ")) for a in range(age): print "Happy Birthday", you, "!" >>> What is your name? Penelope How old are you? 4 Happy Birthday Penelope ! Happy Birthday Penelope ! Happy Birthday Penelope ! Happy Birthday Penelope ! page 3 22. Write a Python function, called fooey(word), that decides whether a particular string contains the letter "z". For examples: fooey("drat") = False fooey("") = False fooey("zebra") = True def fooey(word): for a in word: if a == "z": return True return False def fooey(word): for i in range(len(word)): if word[i] == "z": return True return False 23. What does this program print? Remember that "%" is the integer remainder operator. for i in range(6): ! if (i % 2 > 0): ! ! print i 1 3 5 Monty Python • Bonus Question (1-point) What is the Python language named for? ____________________________...
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