Name two 2 different types of looping iteration

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Unformatted text preview: Name two (2) different types of looping (iteration) statements: ________________ and ________________ Alan Turing 8. Who was instrumental in breaking the Enigma code? ___________________________ pseudo code 9. A personal language for expressing algorithms concisely without formal syntax is called _________________ break 10. The _____________ statement will immediately halt the execution of a loop. logarithmic (log) 11. What was your observed runtime complexity of the Guessing Game program? ____________________ def 12. What is the name of the statement used for defining new functions in Python? __________________ 3 13. What is the value of this expression? (2**4)/(2*3-1) = ________________ boolean 14. A Python expression which evaluates to either True or False is of type: ________________ 15. What is the value of the expression?: len("sarah"+"2345") _9 ________________ page 2 16. What is the value of th...
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