Following its merger with go fly easyjet is now

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Unformatted text preview: se the best word, A, B, C or D, to fill each gap in the text below. Following its merger with Go-fly, easyJet is now Europe’s leading low-cost airline. B easyJet’s first 1 0 in November 1995, the company has 2 from an airline with two routes – from Luton airport to Glasgow and Edinburgh – to one that 3 88 routes from 36 European airports. During the pre-tax profits of financial year to 30 September 2001, the company 4 £40 million on a 5 of £357 million and carried 7.7 million passengers. Unlike traditional airlines, easyJet keeps costs low by eliminating unnecessary ‘frills’. This is done in a number of 6 , which include: • Use of the Internet to reduce distribution costs The company sold its first 7 on-line in April 1998. Now approximately 92% of all 8 are made over the Internet, making easyJet one 9 Europe’s biggest Internet 10 . • Ticketless travel Instead of a ticket, passengers 11 an e-mail containing their travel details and a...
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