For example most ofces now use their fax machines far

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Unformatted text preview: ently as (efficiently) they could be. For example, most offices now use their fax machines far 1 (frequently) than they did before the advent of e-mail. Undoubtedly, using e-mail to send long, (fast) than printing electronically-stored texts is much 2 them out and sending them by fax. However, if you want to send documents such as drawings, plans, graphs and charts quickly, fax is still 3 (simple) method of all. E-mail is an excellent medium for passing on information, but if people need to discuss a lot of details with colleagues abroad, exchanging several lengthy e-mails can be much 4 (time-consuming) than discussing the same problem on the telephone. In this case, the fact that making an (expensive) than sending an international phone call is 5 e-mail has to be balanced against the saving in an employee’s time. Any company which insists that its staff use e-mail instead of the phone in all but 6 (urgent) situations is giving the message that its employees’ time and effort...
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