My work in 2 involves both training and recruitment

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Unformatted text preview: o work in the 1 sector. My work in 2 involves both training and recruitment. in Russia next We’re launching the new model at a 3 month. We produce toothpaste and other 4 products. after flying from one Business travellers often suffer from 5 6 to another. Are you sure you sent us your 7 ? I’m afraid I can’t find a record of your booking. Our 8 shows that customers would prefer a smaller version of this product. He’s responsible for 9 and testing of all the components we in Taiwan. manufacture at our 10 Progress Test 1 © Oxford University Press 2 BEC Vantage Masterclass 3 Comparatives and superlatives In the text below, a communications analyst is comparing different methods of communicating internationally. Complete what she says, using a suitable comparative or superlative form of the adjective or adverb in brackets. Thanks to modern telecommunications, we have a wide variety of communication channels available to us nowadays. Often, however, these are not used 0 as effici...
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