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She particularly 8 enjoy the nancial independence

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Unformatted text preview: ears. She particularly 8 (enjoy) the financial independence that part time work 9 (give) her. ‘When I 10 ( join) Tesco my age 11 (not be) an issue,’ says Monica. ‘I 12 (want) a job and they 13 (be) (begin) this job I happy to employ me. Since I 14 15 (be) on holiday to Greece, France, Spain and Portugal and will soon be flying off to New Zealand for my son’s wedding. It’s all very exciting and a real adventure.’ Progress Test 1 © Oxford University Press 1 BEC Vantage Masterclass 2 Word combinations Complete the gaps in the sentences below by using one word from list A followed by one word from list B. Do not use any of the words more than once. A B business care human class information control jet facility market fair personal form production lag quality research registration resources time technology trade zone Example Our company is usually happy to pay for have to go on a long journey. 0 business class tickets if you IBM was one of the first companies t...
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