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Increased hunger some individuals experience blurred

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Unformatted text preview: ychotic symptoms like agitation and paranoia Physiological effects Physiological • Minimal physiological effects – Reddening of the conjunctiva of the eye – Increased blood flow to skin – Slight increase in heart rate – Increased hunger – Some individuals experience blurred vision Some and headaches and Specific Psychological effects Specific • Affects cognitive function and psychomotor performance • Dose dependent impairment of short-term memory and Dose retrieval of long-term memory retrieval – Impairs learning and remembering new information – Impairs following sequence of directions • Oral THC produces Oral dose-dependent impairment in explicit memory memory Specific Psychological effects Specific • Changes in time sense (probably related to memory Changes impairment) time passes more slowly. impairment) • Impairment of cognitive functions (speaking, problem Impairment solving, concept formation, decision making, planning) solving, – Persists after cessation of heavy use – Worsens with heavy, long-term use • Speech is fragmented, disjointed, with loosening of Speech associations associations • Often users believe they have gained great insights, but Often the ability to analyze them is impaired. After intoxication, these great insights often turn out to be mundane ideas. these Other psychological effects Other • Euphoria - not always observed, and may be Euphoria intermingled with mild anxiety, paranoia, or fear a fear that one has lost control of the experience and things will never return to normal and • Sedation - variable • Everything seems funny – lose sense of what is Everything an appropriate social response an • Enhanced feelings of creativity • Enhanced sensory perception or surroundings • Decreased motor skills – Risk factor in car accidents Psychological effects Psychological • Cannabinoids are reinforcing • Users could descriminate THC from placebo, and Users both users and non-users preferred THC both Monkeys selfadminister THC Pharmacodynamics: Mechanism of Action Pharmacodynamics: Cannabinoid rece...
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