2013-10-09 Cannabis

Primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is the

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Unformatted text preview: r glaucoma vomiting, THC THC • The primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is The delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) • Concentrated in the resin of the plant Different Cannabis Preparations Different Hashish: • Form of marijuana prepared Form by scraping and drying the resin from the flowering tops of the female plant of • THC concentration ~7%-20% Different Cannabis Preparations Different Scraping the resin is very tedious, so an alternative Scraping method is used to obtain relatively pure resin method Hash Oil: • Form of marijuana prepared by Form boiling the flowering tops of the female plants in some type of solvent (such as alcohol). When the solvent is removed by filtering or boiling it off, hash oil is left is • THC concentration can range THC between 15%-60% between Different Cannabis Preparations Different Sinsemilla (Spanish for without Sinsemilla seeds) or Ganja (in India): seeds) • Form of marijuana prepared from Form the unpollinated or seedless portion of the cannabis plant • Plant grows bushier and the Plant resin content is increased with a greater concentration of THC greater • THC concentration ~4%-13% Different Cannabis Preparations Different Marijuana / weed / grass: • Most common preparation of Most the cannabis plant the • Prepared from the dried Prepared flowering tops and leaves of the female cannabis plant; often contains seeds, stems, and other leaf material other • THC concentration ~2%-5% History of Marijuana History • Earliest known fabric is woven from hemp in 8000 – Earliest 7000 B.C. 7000 • One of the fathers of Chinese medicine,...
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