CSE140 (Data Program) - How do I use the command-line shell_

When you run similar commands there may be slight

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Unformatted text preview: her homework into a directory. When you run similar commands, there may be slight differences from the example transcript, such as the number, names, and times of files. S ee the section that is relevant to you: Mac/Linux Windows Mac/Linux Here are most of the commands you will need to use: p d- pr int the absolute pathname of w your current working directory c d r c o y- change your w or king dir ector y to the given dir ector y d ietr c . - change your w or king dir ector y to the par ent of the cur r ent w or king dir ector y d. l - list the contents of the cur r ent dir ector y ("ls" is shor t for "list") s p t o - r un the Python inter pr eter yhn p t o p o r m p - r un the Python pr ogr am that is stor ed in thep o r m p file yhn rga.y rga.y You can open a command-line shell by running the t r i a program. emnl In the below example transcript,...
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