CSE140 (Data Program) - How do I use the command-line shell_

D r list the contents of the cur r ent dir ector y

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Unformatted text preview: ent of the cur r ent w or king dir ector y d. d r- list the contents of the cur r ent dir ector y ("dir " is shor t for "dir ector y") i p t o - r un the Python inter pr eter yhn p t o p o r m p - r un the Python pr ogr am that is stor ed in thep o r m p file yhn rga.y rga.y You can open a command-line shell by running the c dprogram. m You should have a Command Prompt shortcut located in the S tart Menu, in the Accessories submenu of All Programs, or on the Apps screen for Windows 8. About.com has more detailed instructions about starting the command prompt. In the below example transcript, text such as C \ s r \ e is the prompt at which the user types :UesM> commands. B l f c text was typed by the user, and non-boldface text was printed by the odae command-line shell. Also note that in this example transcript, much irrelevant output...
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