USU-Intro To MacroEcon - Assignment 2

1 congres s and the pres ident 2 the direc tor of the

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Unformatted text preview: ongres s and the pres ident 2. The direc tor of the Offic e of Budget and Management and the Sec retary of State 3. The Sec retary of the Treas ury and Congres s 4. The pres ident and the Counc il of Ec onomic Advis ers 5. The Federal Res erve Que stion 20 (1 point) Ac c ording to the tex t, there are s ignific ant differenc es between the mark et s y s tem and the c entrally planned s y s tem. All of the following are differenc es ex c ept 1. private individuals s tarting new bus ines s es . 2. private owners hip of land. 3. private owners hip of bus ines s es . 4. the ex is tenc e of a government. 5. private c hoic es and purc has es of goods and s ervic es . Que stion 1 (5.00 points ) Carefully analy z e the c ons equenc es of a s udden trade defic it in the private-s ec tor c irc ular flow diagram. W hat role would financ ial intermediaries have to play in order to res tore equilibrium c onditions ? Que stion 2 (5.00 points ) Ex plain why and how the government tak es a role in the ec onomy ....
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