USU-Intro To MacroEcon - Assignment 2

1 sole proprietors 2 inves tors 3 firms 4 government 5

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Unformatted text preview: . Sole proprietors 2. Inves tors 3. Firms 4. Government 5. Hous eholds Que stion 6 (1 point) The three bas ic ty pes of bus ines s es in the United States are 1. enterpris es , partners hips , and c orporations . 2. partners hips , firms , and proprietors hips . 3. partners hips , multinationals , and c orporations . 4. c orporations , hous eholds , and proprietors hips . 5. c orporations , proprietors hips , and partners hips . Que stion 7 (1 point) W hic h of the following would be c ons idered an inves tment? 1. The purc has e of a new winter c oat 2. The depos it of $2,000 in a pas s book ac c ount 3. The purc has e of a s hare of IBM s toc k 4. The purc has e of U.S. Treas ury bills 5. The purc has e of a new drilling mac hine by the Sc hmidt Cons truc tion Company Que stion 8 (1 point) A U.S....
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