USU-Intro To MacroEcon - Assignment 2

S ex port oc c urs when 1 ibm purc has es c omputer c

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Unformatted text preview: ex port oc c urs when 1. IBM purc has es c omputer c hips from Motorola. 2. Franc e imports leather s hoes from Italy . 3. Kuwait s ells oil to a U.S. oil c ompany . 4. Germany buy s Pontiac s from General Motors . 5. Peps i-Cola s ells s oft drink s to a loc al retailer. Que stion 9 (1 point) The c irc ular flow model 1. s hows that inc ome is rarely equal to output. 2. s hows how bus ines s es s ell their res ourc e s ervic es to hous eholds . 3. illus trates how different s ec tors of the ec onomy are link ed together. 4. illus trates how bus ines s firms interac t with one another. 5. s hows the flow of output and inc ome within one s ec tor of the ec onomy . Que stion 10 (1 point) The c irc ular flow model for the private s ec tor s hows that 1. ne...
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