USU-Intro To MacroEcon - Assignment 2

Eliminates max imiz es que stion 3 1 point in ec

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Unformatted text preview: liminates , max imiz es Que stion 3 (1 point) In ec onomic s , the invis ible hand is not 1. the s elf-interes t that drives firms to provide what c ons umers want to buy . 2. government intervention in the ec onomy . 3. what leads c ons umers to us e their limited inc omes to buy the goods and s ervic es that give them the mos t s atis fac tion. 4. a term attributed to Adam Smith. 5. what induc es res ourc e owners to s upply res ourc e s ervic es where they are mos t highly valued. Que stion 4 (1 point) W hen ec onomis ts refer to the public s ec tor, they refer to 1. the firms . 2. the public univers ities . 3. the politic al parties . 4. the government. 5. the hous eholds . Que stion 5 (1 point) Spending by whic h s ec tor is the larges t c omponent of s pending in the ec onomy ? 1...
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