USU-Intro To MacroEcon - Assignment 2

Net ex ports are alway s equal to z ero 2 financ ial

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Unformatted text preview: t ex ports are alway s equal to z ero. 2. financ ial intermediaries us e the depos its from hous eholds to mak e loans to bus ines s es . 3. bus ines s firms are the revenue s ourc e for c ons umers . 4. the goods and s ervic es produc ed by bus ines s firms are s old through res ourc e mark ets . 5. fac tors of produc tion are demanded only by the government. Que stion 11 (1 point) A trade defic it aris es bec aus e 1. net imports are negative. 2. imports ex c eed ex ports . 3. ex ports ex c eed imports . 4. inflows of goods and s ervic es from foreign c ountries are les s than outflows of goods and s ervic es from the domes tic c ountry . 5. net ex ports are pos itive. Que stion 12 (1 point) All of the following are us ed to jus tify the intervention of the government in the private ec onomy ex c ept 1. the...
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