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Lecture Assignment 4

Starbucks corporate also oers stock op9ons to

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Unformatted text preview: was even taking drink order...basically, everyone was doing what was needed to maximize efficiency. Without clearly defined roles, employees were able to do things not necessarily “by the book”, but by whatever way was the best method. This not only led to increased produc9vity, but also helped decrease stress in the workplace and increase employee happiness. Employee happiness in general is a topic Starbucks is very passionate about. Happiness increased by two different ways...by either in store or corporate ac9ons. First, on the corporate level Starbucks does a lot to ensure it’s employees are happy. First, it pays for healthcare for full and part 9me employees, which leads to employees having to worry less about personal problems and being able to focus more in work. Starbucks corporate also offers stock- op9ons to employees, so...
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