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Improving creativity in decision making creativity

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Unformatted text preview: or means of achieving one’s terminal values o People in the same occupation tend to hold similar values • Generational Values o Boomers- success, achievement, entered the workforce from 1965- 1985 o Xers- work/life balance, team- oriented, dislike of rules, entered the workforce from 1985- 2000 o Nexters- confident, financial success, self- reliant but team- oriented, entered the workforce from 2000- present Peron- Job Fit- person- job fit theory- a theory that identifies six personality types and proposes that the fit between personality type and the occupational environment determines satisfaction and turnover. The theory argues that satisfaction is highest and turnover lowest when personality and occupation are in agreement. • Realistic • Investigative • Social • Conventional • Enterprising • Artistic Following these guidelines at the time of hiring should identify new employees who better with the organization’s culture, which should, in turn, result in high employee satisfaction and reduced turnover International Values- Hofstede Study Power distance- a national culture attribute that describes the extent to which a society accepts that power in institutions and organizations is distributed equally. A low power distance rating characterizes societies that stress equality and opportunity • Individualism- a national culture attribute that describes the degree to which people prefer to act as individuals rather than as members of groups. Collectivism- a national culture attribute that describes a tight social framework in which people expect others in groups of which they are a part to look after them...
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