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There is a strong correlation between job

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Unformatted text preview: l workers appeared to prefer an organization that values diversity. Diversity in groups- members must feel a sense of membership and cohesion when establishing a common way of looking and accomplishing the major tasks. Demographic diversity does not appear to either help or hurt team performance. Yet, differences in ability and personality can help team performance when placed right, Effective Diversity Programs- they team managers about the legal framework for equal employment opportunity and encourage fair treatment of all people regardless of their demographic characteristics. Also, they teach managers how a diverse workforce will be better able to serve a diverse market of customers and clients. Lastly, they foster personal development practices that bring out the skills and abilities of all workers, acknowledging how differences in perspective can be a valuable way to improve performance for everyone. Diversity experiences are likely to lead to positive adaptation if the diversity experience undermines stereotypical attitudes, if the perceiver is motivated and able to consider a new perspective on others, if the perceiver engages in stereotype suppression and generative thought in response to the diversity experience, and if the positive experience of stereotype undermining is repeated frequently. Safeway implemented the Retail Leadership Development Program and this has had a positive effect on White women and women of color. Attitudes- evaluative statements- either favorable or unfavorable- or judgments about objects, people, or events. They reflect how we feel about somet...
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