15 thereactionbelowhas beenstudiedandthefo llo

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Unformatted text preview: on intermediates in this react ion. b) Write a balanced overall equat ion for this react ion. (Hint: you may have to mult iply all the coefficients of an elementary reaction before adding) 6 14. The fo llowing mechanism has been proposed for the react ion of NO with H2 to form N2O and H2O. 2 NO (g) ® N2O2 (g) N2O2 (g) + H2 (g) ® N2O (g) + H2O (g) 2 The observed rate law for this react ion is: Rate = k [NO] [H2]. If the proposed mechanis m is correct, what can we conclude about the relat ive speeds of the first and the second steps? 15. The reaction below has been studied and the fo llo wing experimental rate law determined: H2 + 2 ICl ® 2 HCl + I2 Rate = k [H2][ICl] Three mechanisms have been proposed for this reaction. Predict the rate law based...
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