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Unformatted text preview: ure is increased (Vo lume is decreased) Response: Equilibrium shifts to the side that has the fewer number of mo les ( ¾¾ ) ® Reason: Fewer mo les of gas will exert less pressure (provided temperature is constant) New Equil: N2 (g) + decreased Stress Decrease in vo lume Increase in vo lume Pressure Change increased decreased 3 H2 (g) ¾¾ ® ¬¾ ¾ 2 NH3 (g) decreased Direction of Equilibrium shift Forward ( ¾¾ ) ® (fewer mo l of gas) Reverse ( ¬¾ ) ¾ (more mo l of gas) increased Amounts of Reacting Species N2 H2 NH3 decreased decreased increased increased increased decreased Example 3: (Some (not all) reacting species are gases) C (s) Stress + Pressure Change 1 CO2 (g) ¾¾ ® ¬¾ ¾ Direction of Equilibrium shift Decrease in vo lume Increase in vo lume 26 2 CO (g) Amounts of Reacting Species C CO2 CO Chemistry 102 Chapter 14 Example 4: (Evaluating Qc to predict Equilibrium Shift) CO (g) + 3 H2 (g) ¾¾ ® ¬¾ ¾ CH4 (g) 4 moles Stress: + H2O(g)...
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