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Unformatted text preview: o f the reaction mixture no longer changes: · Concentration of reactants is constant · Concentration of products is constant NOTE: Concentration of reactants ¹ Concentration of products 3. A Chemical Equilibrium is a Dynamic Equilibrium; both reactions (forward and reverse) are still go ing on 4. The Dynamic Equilibrium may be controlled (shift ed to the right to favor products, or shifted to the left to favor reactants) by changing the conditions for the reaction. Definition of Chemical Equilibrium: · A state reached by a react ion mixture when the rate of forward reaction and the rate of reverse reactions become equal. 2 Chemistry 102 Chapter 14 COMPOSITION OF AN EQUILIBRIUM MIXTURE · In an equilibrium mixture, the amount of one substance is determined experimentally and the amounts of the other substances are calculated. Example 1: CO (g) + ¾¾ ® 3 H2 (g) ¬¾ CH4 (g) ¾ + H2O (g) When 1.000 mo l CO and 3.000 mol H2 are placed in a 10.00 L vessel at 927 °C and allowed to come...
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