Solunon state of stress in a fluid 3e 23e 23e t

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Unformatted text preview: e 2 + 1 e 3e 3 Determine: (a)  The trac)on vector ac)ng on a plane through the point P whose unit normal is n = (1/3)e 1 + (2/3)e 2 (2/3)e 3 (b)  The component of this trac)on ac)ng perpendicular to the plane (c)  The shear component of the trac)on, i.e. the component of the trac)on ac)ng tangent to the plane. SoluNon: State of Stress in a Fluid /3)e + (2/3)e (2/3)e t (n ) n = (1 1 2 3 The trac)on vector is related to the stress tensor by t (n...
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