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Example 2 a manometer like a barometer is used to

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Unformatted text preview: manometer consisting of two fluids A and B We will assume that gravity acts in the vertical direction, and the origin of out coordinate system is located somewhere below the U-tube. The location is material for the analysis. Again the hydrostatic pressure field is given by p p Ρg, p 0, x 0 y (28) z Now if the pressure in the bulb is p1 then the pressure at the fluidA/b interface is p2 ΡA g H1 p1 (29) At the fluid B/air interface it is p3 patm p2 ΡB g H2 (30) Thus the difference in pressure read by the manometer is patm p1 ΡA g H1 ΡB g H2 (31) so that p1 patm g ΡA H1 ΡB H2 Thus a manometer opened at one end to atmospheric pressure reads gage pressure (32) 6 Hydrostatics.nb References The following texts were helpful in preparing these notes 1. Anthony Esposito, Fluid Mechanics with Applications, Prentice Hall,1998 2. Stephen Whitaker, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Kreiger Publishing Company, 1968...
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