A which does not necessarily b not necessarily c was

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Unformatted text preview: the penny press newspapers of the 1830' s helped to change the concept of news. (A) which does not necessarily (B) not necessarily (C) was not necessarily (D) nor necessarily being 15. Documentary evidence supports claims that ....... the New World about AD 1000. (A) reached the Vikings (B) the Vikings reached (C) reaching the Vikings (D) the Vikings that reached 16. Fog and mist, like clouds, can formed only in the presence of dust particles. A B C D 17. The Spanish claiming title to all of North America and established the oldest city in the A B. C United States, St. Augustine, Florida, in 1565. D 18. The federal system of government in Canada is similar to it of the United States. A B C D 19. It may be argued that genetics, the study of heredity and variation, underwent the A B most rapid development of any science biological in the twentieth century. C D 20. Music involves the interaction of three elements: rhythm, melodic, and harmony. A B C D 第 7 页 共 20 页 21. The Medicare program was established in 1965 to helping elderly United States A B citizens pay the increasing cost of health care. C D 22. Researchers have found subtle neurological differences between the brains of men A B and women either in physical structure and in the way they function. C D 23. Scientists have traditionally classified plants by grouping them according to similarities A B in their overall appear, their internal structure, and the form of their reproductive organs. C D 24. Geometric figures first appeared more than 15,000 years ago in both practically and A B decorative forms, .such as shapes of buildings, cave paintings, and decorations on C D pottery. 25. In the early nineteenth century, the Cherokee nation of American Indians was adopted A B a written constitution based on that of the United States. C D 26. The able of writers to precisely record observations made about others enables them A B to include in their work a great deal of material outside their own experience. C D 27. In Connecticut, hundreds of houses dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth A B centuries are preserved by more as 100 local or national historical societies. C D 28. In 1899 Mary Elizabeth Brown donated hers collection of over 200 musical A B C instruments to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. D 29. Four different types of remembering are ordinarily .distinguished by psychologists: A B C recollection, recall, recognize, and relearning. D 30. Harbors are protected areas of water that can be used the transfer of passengers and A B C cargo between ships shore. D 第 8 页 共 20 页 31. Fossil remains reveal that the farther back in time an animal lived, the smaller A B than was its brain in proportion to the size of its skull. C D 32. As do all insects, a butterfly has a hard outer covering, called it an exoskeleton, A B C that both supports and protects the body. D 33. In the early 1900's Pennsylvania's industries grew rapidly, a growth sometimes A B accompanied by disputes labor. C D 34. Also known as a movie or a film, the motion picture is one of the most popular form of A B C art and entertainment throughout the world. D 35. The soil in which coffee is grown must be rich, moisture, and absorbent enough to A B C accept water readily, but sufficiently loose to allow rapid drainage. D 36. A merger is achieved when a company purchases the property of other firms, thus A B absorbing them into one corporate structure that retain its original identity. C D 37. Under the certain conditions, a rainbow appears at the end of a rain shower A B C in the quarter of the sky opposite the Sun. D 38. During the nineteenth century the molecular theory of matter was developed,...
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