B she has lost her parking sticker c shes parked

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Unformatted text preview: hasn't finished her paper. (B) She has lost her parking sticker. (C) She's parked illegally. (D) She put too little money in the parking meter. 第 2 页 共 20 页 22. (A) They have to change their weekend plans. (B) They recently visited Mount Henry Forest. (C) They hope to join the Outdoor Club next year. (D) They plan to go hiking this weekend. 23. (A) There aren't many jobs available. (B) The woman needs to improve her skills. (C) The woman can find a better job. (D) There might be a way for the woman to keep the same job. 24. (A) Form a new committee, (B) Join her committee. (C) Find out when the conference will be held. (D) Schedule a committee meeting. 25. (A) The man should have called her relatives. (B) She has visited San Francisco before. (C) She won't need a tour guide. (D) She isn't looking forward to her trip. 26. (A) Try to buy Jane's tickets. (B) Sell tickets to the boys' choir concert. (C) Invite Jane to the boys' choir concert. (D) Call the ticket office. 27. (A) Ask if he can drive the car. (B) Repair the seats. (C) Offer to buy the car. (D) Look for a better deal. 28. (A) He doesn't know what tools to bring. (B) The donkeys will carry the woman's personal items. (C) He doesn't mind helping the woman. (D) The woman won't have to carry tools. 29. (A) The next bus leaves at 9 o'clock (B) The buses are running an hour late. (C) The woman will have to wait an hour. (D) He isn't sure when the next bus leaves. 30. (A) Refuse to lend Mary her jacket. (B) Use the jacket less often. (C) Buy Mary a jacket. (D) Wear one of Mary's jackets. 31. (A) She's unable to attend the study session. (B) She has seen a doctor recently. (C) She's concerned about medical care. (D) She mentions the need for some medical tests. 32. (A) To improve the study skills of university students. (B) To suggest changes in the student government. (C) To give people the opportunity to speak with a politician. (D) To discuss graduation requirements for political science majors. 第 3 页 共 20 页 33. (A) Graduate school application procedures. (B) Funding for university education. (C) Winning the confidence of voters. (D) Preparing for an important test. 34. (A) Tell her what to study for the history test. (B) Write a favorable letter of recommendation. (C) Advise her about how to run an election campaign. (D) Suggest a topic for a research paper. 35. (A) A lecture in their American literature course. (B) A film about the American frontier. (C) A book they both read. (D) The woman's recent trip to the American Midwest. 36. (A) Boston schools. (B) Frontier life. (C) Teaching requirements. (D) Immigration patterns. 37. (A) Boring (B) Comfortable. (C) Tragic. (D) Difficult. 38. (A) She was a famous author. (B) Her family later became famous landowners. (C) She exemplifies the immigrant spirit. (D) She invented some labor-saving farm equipment. 39. (A) To the library. (B) To the movies. (C) To a bookstore. (D) To a travel bureau. 40. (A) The diagnosis of asthma. (B) How to prevent an asthma attack. (C) What asthma is and what happens during an asthma attack. (D) The types of medicine available to an asthmatic. 41. (A) Inner ears. (B) Bronchial tubes. (C) Sinuses. (D) Tonsils. 42. (A) They shouldn't come to the camp. (B) They must limit their activities. (C) They will be seen by a doctor every day. (D) They bring their medicine to camp. 43. (A) It bothers people with asthma. (B) Cigarettes aren't allowed at the camp. (C) It pollutes the air in the tents. (D) People who smoke don't come to the camp. 第 4 页 共 20 页 44. (A) The rate at which the universe is expanding. (B) How gravity affects a planet's orbit. (C) Newton's three laws of motion. (D) Early...
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