B that it doesnt change c that its getting smaller d

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Unformatted text preview: models of the universe. 45. (A) That it can't be measured. (B) That it doesn't change. (C) That it's getting smaller. (D) That it's rapidly increasing. 46. (A) Why stars move so quickly. (B) Why few stars have planets. (C) Why stars aren't moving toward one another. (D) Why stars haven't moved farther apart. 47. (A) Newton's life and times. (13) The influence of earlier scientists on Newton's ideas. (C) How gravity repels objects very close to each other. (D) How the current theory resolved contradictions in earlier ones. 48. (A) What spiders eat. (B) Why spiderwebs are so strong. (C) How computers can be useful to biologists. (D) How new kinds of structures might be designed. 49. (A) They're much larger than spiders. (B) They're quite delicate. (C) They have unusual ways of gathering food. (D) They developed a long time before spiders. 50. (A) Chemists. (B) Architects. (C) Airline pilots. (D) Auto designers. Section 2 1. When ....... from milk, the remainder is called skim milk. (A) all the butterfat is removed (B) removing all the butterfat that (C) is all the butterfat removed (D) the removal of all the butterfat 2. The Buffalo River in Arkansas was designated ....... in 1972. (A) a national river and (B) which a national river (C) a national river (D) being a national river 3. Much of northern Canada lies within the Arctic Circle, and ....... ice or the sparse vegetation known as tundra. 第 5 页 共 20 页 (A) it is permanently covered by (B) by permanently it is covered (C) is permanently covered by it (D) it is covered by permanently 4. Manipulation of the spinal column, massage, and dietary adjustments .......used in chiropractic therapy. (A) the principal methods are (B) are the principal methods (C) how are the principal methods (D) are there the principal methods 5. Giant corporations ....... to dominate the United States economy in the late nineteenth century, grew steadily larger during the 1920%. (A) which began (B) in which began (C) they began (D) which they began 6. The tradition of the bowhead whale hunt ....... back a thousand years and is a vital part of Inuit culture. (A) goes (B) if it goes (C) gone (D) that went 7 ......... the son of an impoverished farmer, was born on Long Island. (A) The poet was Walt Whitman (B) When the poet Walt Whitman (C) The poet Walt Whitman (D) That the poet Walt Whitman 8. The primary digestive function of the throat and esophagus is ....... swallowed materials from the mouth to the stomach. (A) to transport (B) transported (C) for transportation (D) that transported 9. Insulin is manufactured by specialized cells in the pancreas and released ....... glucose reaches a certain concentration in the bloodstream. (A) which (B) whenever (C) how (D) during 10, One of the basic principles of wildlife conservation involves ....... adequate natural food and shelter to maintain populations of each species in a given habitat. (A) the provision (B) that provision (C) to provide 第 6 页 共 20 页 (D) providing 11. In 1974 the space probe Mariner 10 discovered....... Mercury's surface is cratered by meteorite impacts. (A) that the planet (B) of the planet (C) the planet that (D) which planet is 12. In the diurnal type of tidal oscillation, the alternate rise and fall of sea level, a single high water and a single Iow water occur ....... tidal day. (A) each (B) each of (C) each of the (D) of each 13. The chief justice of the United States presides over the Supreme Court during oral arguments and in conferences ........ (A) of which decisions concern (B) have important decisions (C) that important decisions (D) concerning important decisions 14. By focusing on the interesting, ....... the significant,...
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