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Cells failed to separate during cell division

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Unformatted text preview: ochondria formed in a process similar to binary fission –  Inner membrane of organelles differ form outer membrane •  Some feature pep)doglycan –  DNA sequence is discernible from that in nucleus, resembles prokaryo)c DNA in size (number of base pairs) and shape (circular) –  70S ribosome like bacteria –  Ini)a)on of transla)on resembles that of bacteria 4 2/4/14 Mul)cellularity •  Symbio)c theory –  Different unicellular species developed a symbio)c rela)onship –  Each took up a specialized role –  Lost the ability to survive independently •  The cellulariza)on theory –  Unicellular cells with two nuclei developed a membrane around each •  The colonial theory –  Several cells of the same species separated during division and re- join each other –  Cells Failed to separate during cell division Mul)cellularity •  Increasing complexity –  Allows for cell differen)a)on and specializa)on –  Apoptosis ≠ Death of Organism –  Division of labor •  Larger size organism –  Not dependent on diffusion for nutrients •  Reduced exposure to external environment 5 2/4/14 • Monophyle)c • A group of organ...
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