Liquidstill vaporizebutsomevapor mo

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Unformatted text preview: st evaporation Evaporation slows down Molecules of liquid still vaporize, but some vapor mo lecules return into liquid phase Number of mo lecules which evaporate is the same as number of mo lecules which condense Rate of > Rate of Rate of = Rate of evaporation condensat ion evaporation condensat ion H2O (l) ƒ H2O (g) · The vaporized mo lecules exert pressure in all directions DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM HAS BEEN REACHED · This pressure is called VAPOR PRESSURE 2 Chemistry 101 Chapter 11 VAPOR PRESSURE VAPOR PRESSURE OF A LIQUID: (abbreviated pv) IS THE PRESSURE OF THE VAPOR OVER THE THE LIQUID, MEASURED AT EQUILIBRIUM, AT A GIVEN TEMPERATURE VAPOR PRESSURE DEPENDS ON: 1. TEMPERATURE: At higher temperature, more molecules can vaporize before equilibrium is reached pv water o t ( C) 2. NATURE OF LIQUID acetone alcohol water pv If...
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