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Unformatted text preview: bonded together it is possible to have a nonpo lar mo lecule even though there are polar bonds present. · In these mo lecules one must consider the mo lecular geometry (mo lecular shape) in order to decide if it is polar or not. d­ 2d+ d­ O == C == O d+ 2d­ H O polar bonds polar bonds The centers of posit ive and negat ive charges overlap: d+ H The centers o f posit ive and negat ive charges do not overlap: O == C == O H O H dipo le = equal posit ive and negative charges separated by a distance Electrical charges cancel Electrical charges do not cancel The molecule as a who le is nonpolar The molecule as a who le is polar (is a dipole) CONCLUSIONS Molecular Polarity (polarity of the molecule as a whole) depends on Ø the polarity of the bonds and Ø the molecular geometry (molecular shape) 1. Molecules containing like...
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