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Unformatted text preview: mospheric pressure supports a Hg column 760.0 mm high (lower at higher altitudes) Mercury (d=13.53 g/mL) Chemistry 101 Chapter 5 Question: · If at mospheric pressure supports a water column 10.298 m high, at sea level, what is the height of a mercury co lumn it could support ? (d of water = 1.00 g/mL Water Hw = 10.2 8 m dw = 1.00 g/mL d of Hg = 13.53 g/mL) Mercury HHg = ????? (should be much less than 10.298 m) dHg = 13.53 g/mL 1.00 g/mL HHg = 10.28 m x ¾¾¾¾¾¾ = 0.760 m = 760. mm 13.53 g/mL The Barometer: · It was invented by Torricelli · It is an instrument used to measure Atmospheric Pressure · It expresses At mospheric Pressure in terms of the height of the mercury co lumn supported. At mospheric Pressure depends on : 1. Altitude · The higher the alt itude, the lower the atmospheric pressure 2. Temperature · The higher the temperature, the lower the atmospheric pressure 3. Humidity (moisture content of air) · The more humid the air, the lower the atmospheric pressure Standard Atmospheric Pressure is defined as the Atmospheric Pressure of air Ø at sea level, 0 Ø at 0 C, Ø with 0 % mo isture content (100 % dry air) This atmospheric pressure would support a Hg column 760.0 mm high. Standard At mospheric = 760.0 mm Hg = 760.0 torr = 1.000 atmosphere (atm) pressure 3 Chemi...
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