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Unformatted text preview: er 2 THE LAW OF MULTIPLE PROPORTIONS · When two elements form more than one compound, the masses of one element in these compounds for a fixed ratio mass of the other element are in ratios of small whole numbers. Example: CARBON and OXYGEN form two compounds: CO and CO2 Meaning: The masses of OXYGEN, in these two compounds, for the same mass of CARBON are in a ratio of small whole numbers. Carbon monoxide Carbon dioxide Equal Masses of Carbon Ratio of Oxygen Masses is 1 : 2 3 Chemistry 101 Chapter 2 ATOMIC MODEL III. THE DISCOVERY OF THE ELECTRON · J. J. Thomson showed that the atoms of any element can be made to emit tiny negatively charged particles. · He investigated the conductance of gases through glass tubes called “gas discharge tubes” Cathode Rays J.J. Thomson investigated the properties of “CATHODE RAYS” and concluded: · Cathode Rays are a stream of very small and very light particles emitted the cathode. · These particles are negatively charged, since they travel from the Cathode (­) toward...
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